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lmao this always makes my day.

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Random Post.

One good feeling, taking off your bra when you get home ^.^

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         I can’t believe you really think I’m going to get back together with you after you straight played me. Are you fucking serious? Don’t you fucking get it? I don’t fucking want you anymore. And the girl wasn’t even pretty, like c’mon? You’re fucking dumb. If you loved me like you said you did you wouldn’t have hurt me honestly. It’s crazy how you did this 3 months into our relationship and we’ve been together for a year and 5 months? That’s fucking ridiculous. I didn’t even deserve this, I’m such a good person, and I’ve always been faithful. You’re just embarrassed now because you fucking got caught.  I’m so happy I went through you’re phone. Honestly, I feel relieved.  I’m happy now. Not saying that I never was, but things started getting bumpy towards the end. You can cry all you want over me because you did this to yourself. Like they say cheating is a choice, never a mistake.  

lmfao funny shit I heard as I was walking down the hallway
  • Boy: U smell that? *Sniff Sniff*
  • Girl: What?
  • Boy: The Hoes Up in This School..